Interfaith Quest Helps Building The Next Generation Of Leaders

Today’s youth are yearning for opportunities that are meaningful, relevant and interactive experiences that challenge and strengthen their core values. These core values include peace, respect, hospitality, and serving those in need. Through our programs, the youth discover that core values are often rooted in faith, and can be seen in society as a whole.
Interfaith Quest provides interactive opportunities to bring diverse youth, reaching across faith, race, culture and socio-economic backgrounds together to learn from each other while exploring common ground through service. When youth lead each other in serving the community in new and creative ways, it strengthens all involved and prepares them as leaders.

Budgets for youth programs in houses of worship or community programs cannot always meet these needs of providing quality programming and leadership opportunities with an element of service, while exploring issues of faith. Interfaith Quest offers quality programming, led by experienced and professional staff, whose passion is interfaith youth work.

We provide well run programs with a commitment to quality, integrity and respect. Each opportunity will have these basic elements:

  • Engagement of all participants
  • Three or more faith groups represented
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Experience hands on service
  • Explore issues of race, culture and community through a faith lens

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Published on: November 14, 2016