What is Interfaith Interaction?

What is Interfaith?

  • Interfaith is the engagement of people from diverse traditions; religious, non-religious, and philosophical traditions.
  • Participants share openly from their own traditions and beliefs.
  • The intention is create a better understanding of other perspectives.

What is not Interfaith?

  • The motivation to change the religion or philosophical beliefs of those who are engaged. ( Such as proselytizing )
  • Demanding that all adhere to all beliefs in order to simply engage.
  • “Melting” all religions into one.

What is the goal of Interfaith Interactions?

  • Sharing, comprehending, and learning from others to enhance understanding of perspectives of others.
  • Building relationships that move towards authentic friendships, with a sense that each person gains from the relationship.

What does Interfaith interaction have to do with diversity and inclusion?

  • Recognizing that faith, religion, and culture are interconnected.
  • It honors the influence that faith is an important dimension in the lives of others.
  • Increases understanding that faith values have similar core values.
  • Respecting faith perspectives enhances opportunities to be more welcoming.
  • Building an inclusive environment that involves faith perspectives, as well, fosters more authentic engagement.

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Published on: November 14, 2016